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Let me be your wings.

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requested by @dabootycallmurder:  thumbelina’s graceful spins (i added some…not-so-graceful ones as well)

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Here are a few pieces I’ve been working on recently, it’s a Gainax robot series, with one more planned in the works. Not the usual stuff I post on here but felt like I should add some variety to my usual posts, and these were a lot of fun. ^_^  Enjoy!

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Photographer: 婪斯

Model: Kinyo

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(Moshi Moshi Nippon episode 4 part 2)

Kyary responding to a Moroccan fan’s message saying that she loves wearing kimono but doesn’t really wear it out since overseas people are a bit surprised by it and think she’s doing cosplay (rather than appreciating something she feels really connected to that comes from another part of the world).

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